Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ok, I know there's a million other things I have been meaning to post about like....joining The Japanese Literature Challenge...and reviews...and new arrivals in the mail...and a library announcment.....but hey, I'm fickle like that ( especially since, for all I know, no one reads this anyways)

so without further extroplication, isn't this just the best picture ever? Made my morning when I stumbled upon it on anothers site, had to post it post haste. RAINING books, I want this in my living room.



  1. That is one fantastic image! I was just listening to the audio version of Neil Gaiman's story Mirrormask today and this reminds me of the description of the library, with books flying all around. I want a copy of this too!!!

  2. Love that picture! I am having a Harry Potter moment...LOL